Blue Sail Boat: 8" w x 24" h
Landscape One: 24" w x 24" h
YoYo Sun Landscape: 24" w x 24" h
Blue Wood One: 12" w x 36" h
White Wood One: 24" w x 24" h
Front Entrance: 12"w x 12" h
Orange Wood One: 14' w x 24" h
Lime Trio: 43" w x 14" h (14" w x 13" h individually)
Orange Ruler: 8"w x 38" h
Yellow Ladder: 12" w x 24" h
Mickey Tool: 12' w x 24" h
Red Sea Boat: 21' w x 21" h
Oh Green Trio: 37" w x 11" h (12" w x 11" h individually)
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Art for Sale

Here’s my new, growing body of mosaic artwork using reclaimed wood – primarily from century-old homes – as my tesserae. I leave all colors “as found.” I only alter the wood’s shape.

Please contact me for pricing. Or, learn how to commission a new mosaic or replica of past work.