Commissioning Mosaic Art

Here’s how to begin the commissioning process:

1. Prepare Your Information

Project location (send photos) and architectural specs
Special parameters or design guidelines
Imagery or theme ideas
Preferred materials
Who will install
Is framing required
Budget (see tips below)
Deadline (see tips below)
Main contact’s address, phone, email

2. Plan Your Budget

Design Fee:  I charge an initial design fee, based on the project size, number of concepts requested and level of detail.
Fabrication and Installation:  I charge per square foot, based on design. Framing, installation and shipping are separate charges.

3. Plan Your Deadline

Mosaics are labor-intensive creations. Once a design is finalized, fabricating a small project may take a few months; a large project could take several.

4. Know the Process

  1.  Artist and Client discuss parameters and agree on design fee.
  2.  Artist provides black and white design concepts.
  3.  Artist provides two rounds (max) of design edits, as needed.
  4.  Artist provides design development package with color rendering, sample materials and installation specifications.
  5.  Client provides approval to proceed with 50% down payment.
  6.  Contracts/legalities are completed and signed.
  7.  Artist completes mosaic, providing regular photo updates.
  8.  Installation.
  9.  Client provides remaining 50% of payment.
  10. Take a bow (and photos). Art mission accomplished!

Artist’s Insurance and Guarantee

The artist maintains commercial liability insurance. All clients are required to sign a liability waiver. All work is guaranteed against faulty work for one year from install.

Commissioning Steps