4 ft x 2 ft abstract piece, combines horizontal wave pattern of predominantly black ceramic with small-to-large gray stones at center. Small glass fragments surrounding the stones add texture and drama.
2 ft x 3½ ft abstract artwork, depicting a river of gray stones and driftwood, set within a flowing vertical pattern of muted blue ceramic tiles.
18" x 18" organic composition with a minimalist grouping of stones and driftwood on a field of horizontal wave-shaped tesserae, accented with specialty glass tile squares.
4 ft x 2 ft artwork, incorporating stunning sliced agate sections and driftwood, surrounded by a vibrant blue horizontal ceramic background.
3 ft x 2ft abstract composition, evoking images of birds in flight. Birds are composed of smaller tesserae pieces, set against a larger ceramic tile background.
Two pieces, each 18 in x 18 in, evoke a minimalist Asian sensibility, mixing a pristine bamboo fields against rich brown and black curved horizontal tile backgrounds.
18 in x 18 in abstract piece, with vibrant blue and teal ceramic wave pattern balanced by a simple bamboo field. Horizontal glass strips with multiple hues of green and blue highlight the artwork.
3 ft x 2 ft mosaic, depicting a fanciful migration of amazing creatures cleverly constructed from broken pieces of ceramic. Background is dramatic, crazy-paved black tile with blue swirl accents.
4 ft x 2 ft abstract assemblage, suggesting the undulating image of a caterpillar, utilizes colorful circular ceramic tiles set within varying shades of vibrant blue crazy-paved tiles.
26 in. x 20 in. highly detailed representation of dramatic fishing scene viewed under water, depicting lake bass and fishing lure with lake bed and plants. Intricate composition of the elements create a kinetic scene.
In-progress photo shows detailed fabrication of fish, as small pieces of tile are precisely glued on top of the artists rendering of the scene.
11 in. x 31 in. artwork creates an Arts and Crafts aesthetic in deep shade of green with purple accents. Featured in center is a custom carved dimensional tile depicting a ginko plant.
15 in. x 12 in. set of two brilliantly colored fish, crafted in ceramic tesserae, appear to float thru slender reeds that support the artwork via solid wood block stands.
15 in. x 12 in. pair of ceramic fish, aloft on slender glass rods attached to wooden bases adorned with gray rocks. Vibrant coloring is predominantly black with highlights of white, gray and blue.
7 in. x 13 in. mosaic altar with intricate wave pattern in multiple hues of blue, surrounding gray stones in center. A silver medallion with debossed dove draws the eye at top.
7 in. x 13 in. ceramic altar with vibrant red glass field and black tile frame. Dimensional ceramic angel and heart create focal point at top of artwork.
6 in. x 12 in. altar, composed of curved tesserae in varying shades of blue, which provides a background for an antique prayer card depicting St. Mary.
8 in. x 20 in. mosaic altar, with a vintage St. Mary prayer card set on a dramatic pattern of pink curving glass tiles with emerald green design elements.
8 in. x 15 in. tiled mosaic, with fluid curving forms in multiple shades of green. At center is the word Peace in cast metal.
5 in. x 12 in. ceramic tiled mosaic altar. Piece includes a bird's nest with 2 ceramic eggs inside, with a ceramic bird watching the nest. The word "Nuture" in ceramic is at center.
9 in. round framed artwork consisting of cut glass depicts a colorful fish underwater. Water background is aqua with delicate decorative line art.
6 in. x 18 in. framed cut glass assemblage featuring a long-necked giraffe looking out over a fence. Thin, alternating light and dark blue stripes accentuate the verticality of the giraffe.
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Gallery Art and Private Mosaic Commissions

My mosaic fine art and multi-media works have appeared in public art galleries, retail stores, and currently live in many private collections.

To see a permanent curation of my past work, visit the Mezzanine Gallery within historic Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church (across from the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.)