Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Winter Northern Lights, 16’ x 9’
detail of dog sledder in winter Minnesota Northern Lights scene
Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Summer Northern Lights, 13’ x 9’
mosaic artwork featuring summer northern lights over Minnesota lake
View of 24 ft by 6 ft mosaic from stairway, showing the artwork’s strong visual impact in the office lobby.
24 ft by 6 ft mosaic in dark blue with light blue and green accents. Piece is curved sections mounted close together to create a wave. Bicycle parts are embedded as elements.
A close-up view of a section of the mosaic, illustrating the variety of found objects embedded within the ceramic tiles.
4 smaller wave forms add interest in a narrow vestibule that leads to the large mosaic in the main lobby. Skateboard, bicycle and rollerblade pieces embellish the tesserae.
bird flying over Minnesota
oval mosaic with blackbird on tree
A wide view of the infant care waiting area, with the mosaic triptych featuring adult and child bears on the far wall, activating and enlivening the space.
A series of 3 playful, endearing mosaic pieces, depicting the loving relationship between a parent bear and cub in summer, fall and winter settings.
A close up, detailed view of the Winter Bears artwork, showing the intricate cutting and fitting of the tesserae.
19 ft x 11 ft exciting mosaic frames a community bulletin board. Re-purposed dimensional lettering and bicycle reflectors embellish the tile.
Passersby provide scale for this vibrant, multi-wall, ceramic-tiled bulletin board installation.
Precision mosaic patterns are highlighted in this close up view of an attention-grabbing eye, which leads viewers to the adjacent bulletin board.
8 ft x 4 mosaic panorama of St. Paul landmarks combines tile, glass and found objects, crafted in a playful and engaging style.
Close-up view of panorama shows variety of patterns, shapes and colors as well as the playful illustrative style of the buildings.
Extreme detail of mosaic artwork, showing a bicyclist cleverly crafted from a variety of materials.
3-sectioned mosaic artwork with recycled objects
Close-up of colorful spiral shows artful composition of a variety of found circular objects, from tires to bottle caps.
5 ft x 5 ft cross in hand cut glass, with organic flowing water imagery in gradated blues and sun spiral at center, surrounded by intense oranges and yellows.
Detail shows abstract flowing water imagery in dark-to-light shades of blue glass. Found objects are subtly interspersed to add dimension and interest.
St. Louis Park Rec Center, "Fun!”, 9’ x 4’
5 ft x 7 ft ceramic tile mosaic welcomes patients with a splash of gradated colors, from red to orange to yellow to green to blue, in an inviting abstract pattern.
Detail of artwork showing typography rendered in tile, while the oval-shaped frame is embellished with family-provided decorative pins.
3ft x 3ft recreation of client's circular logo rendered in tesserae, in varying shades of green. Precise circular forms appear to overlap in this intricately crafted piece.
4ft x 2ft sign combines dimensional letterforms in a spirited, energetic composition against a crazy-paved green ceramic background.
Dramatic, two-story tall artwork enlivens school atrium with recycled used school supplies including magic markers, pencils and crayons.
A mother owl and her offspring are cleverly created with a mix of used school supplies and ceramic tile.
3ft x 4ft ceramic tile backsplash in vibrant blue hues, crafted in a vertically-oriented linear-wave pattern. Specialty tiles and small stones are interspersed throughout.
Detail of backsplash shows vertical wave pattern in multiple shades of blue and gray tiles, with mirrored textured tiles and stones added as accents.
5 ft x 18 in. oval-shaped mosaic Thank You sign with turquoise leaf pattern set within a crazy-paved yellow background, with various playful found objects adding fun to the sign.
18" x 12" office signage, combines a playful variety of found objects set within a two-toned crazy-paved ceramic background. Custom-fabricated donor name-plates in tile adorn each sign.
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Public Art Mosaics

My mosaics transform blank spaces into portals for meaningful connections. They convey beauty, provide pause, and act as wayfinding solutions. But they’re also powerful marketing tools that reinforce a client’s public persona before key audiences.

My work is ideal as healthcare or hospital art, commercial buildings and shopping center art, airport or transit art, community center art, school and education facility art, and as religious art. Any space has mosaic possibilities.