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Stacia Goodman Mosaics creates custom mosaic art commissions and public art installations in colorful glass, tile and mixed media. Our creative placemaking designs tell site-specific narratives with mesmerizing appeal and audible “wow!”

Experience: We’ve completed dozens of commissions in commercial, healthcare, educational, retail, municipal, worship and hospitality environments across the U.S.

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Public Art


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Commissions and Public Art

The Minneapolis, Minnesota, artist team of Stacia (pronounced “stay-shah”) Goodman Mosaics provides professional mosaic art design, fabrication and installation. We enjoy frequent collaborations with corporate art consultants, public art commissioners, interior designers, architects, building professionals and content teams on commercial and public art projects. We’ve also collaborated with other artists in metalwork, sculpture and technology.

We create both interior and exterior mosaics, including mosaic murals. The size of our artwork ranges from smallish single works and larger 3’ x 4’ triptychs, to soaring two-story wonders and the world’s first exterior mosaic sculpture with interactive, new-media technology. 

Where does your work appear?

Various environments. Here’s a sampling of public collections:


  • Stanford University, CA

  • St. Cloud State University, MN

  • Rockford Arts Magnet School, MN


  • St. Louis Park Rec Center, MN

  • STEP Emergency Services, MN

  • Mercado Central, MN (pending)


  • Mayo Clinic, MN

  • Dayton Children’s Hospital, OH

  • Cedar Run Memory Care, WI


  • Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, MN

  • Wings Financial Headquarters, MN 

  • Calhoun Square (retail/entertainment center), MN        

What makes your mosaics unique?

Our timeless mosaic designs – in modern to whimsical – capture creative placemaking stories with impeccable and contemporary execution. We start every collaboration by listening, researching and providing many concepts, until we get it right. 

What is your public art philosophy?

Public art is the most democratic of art forms. It should engage citizens in conversation that can vary from understanding historical and cultural backgrounds, to driving attachment to place and social cohesion. We place great value on conducting upfront community ideation sessions and welcome opportunities to educate, demonstrate and mentor.

What materials do you use?

We work in colorful art glass, mosaic tile (commercial and hand-made tile), and we create abstract wooden mosaics, too. Our work can be a combination of these materials, with added beading and small objects for interest.

Do you incorporate salvaged, reclaimed or on-site materials?

Yes. Mosaics can tell a deeper story that bridges past to present, by upcycling materials, such as wood, tile and hardware, from a building renovation. We’ve also incorporated branding objects that enhance marketing. For example, a beverage formulation company had us sprinkle in various bottle caps for a signature lobby mosaic.

Who creates the artwork?

We design, fabricate and install our mosaics, unless our client wants to install. Occasionally, we may subcontract for sculptural forms, framing and large-scale installation. For large mosaics, we fabricate smaller sections in-studio, then transport sections on site for installation.

Are smaller works framed and ready to hang?

We can add professional framing, leave that to clients, or provide mosaic edges for an additional fee. For hanging, we typically use standard, metal z-cleats. For new commissions, we can build in the preferred hanging mechanism.

Does Stacia give educational talks or lectures, mosaic demonstrations, and help with public art promotion?

Yes. Stacia has done this on many occasions, including on live TV and radio.

Case studies

Wings Financial Credit Union

(semi-representational; art consultant project)

St. Cloud State University

(abstract; public art)

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