Stacia Goodman

Lead Artist. Storyteller.

I’m a storyteller first, a self-taught artist second. Using the ancient medium of mosaics, my creations are a conduit for sharing stories unique to place, time and people. Like individual letters, I piece together thousands of tesserae into a timeless visual narrative that engages viewers and invites study and reflection. My use of mirror is intentional; I want people to literally see themselves within the dynamic mosaic story. Also, when making public art, I advocate for a community engagement component.

To craft a compelling tale, I spend much time studying the effect of patterns. The mesmerizing, repetitive order within nature and urban life – as simple as uniform sidewalk lines or as complex as raging river water – helps me follow a path to quiet and calm. My passion is sharing that wonder.

My art practice also includes a devotion to mixing materials in my work. I’m fascinated by the juxtaposition of shimmering art glass, reflective mirror, tile (often hand-made), and when relevant, upcycled site-specific or found objects. I have an affinity for making the broken and cast-off beautiful again. It’s a perfect metaphor for life.

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Len Goodman

Lead Designer/Illustrator. Installation Engineer.

My role is multifaceted, but ultimately, I support Stacia’s storytelling artistry. As a professional graphic designer and illustrator, I provide the precise renderings of Stacia’s vision for client approval. I’m a graduate of the prestigious Minneapolis College of Art and bring a deep understanding of spatial elements, design and light – and their visceral impact on viewers, wayfinding, and marketing.

I also leverage my previous experience designing multi-dimensional exhibits in high-traffic spaces. I manage the engineering aspects of Stacia Goodman Mosaics, from hanging mechanisms on smaller wall pieces to the complexities of two-story permanent installations and free-standing sculptural works.

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