Art Consultant Commission

 “Bird’s Eye View”

Wings Financial Credit Union

Creating custom art for a space already filled with beautiful works requires a careful eye for design. That’s what we delivered to the corporate headquarters of Wings Financial Credit Union in Apple Valley, MN.

“Bird’s Eye View” is a beautiful place-making mosaic that honors the client’s history and showcases our design strength – a mix of representational and abstract elements.


The Back Story

A corporate art consultancy group asked us to create the mosaic for the c-level suite of Wings, one of the largest credit unions in the Upper Midwest. The client had renovated its top floor, adding smaller artworks representing local cultural icons. The art consultant, interior designer and client team wanted a commissioned signature piece near the CEO’s impressive corner office.


Create a colorful visual experience with:

  • Nature-inspired influences

  • Reference to the client’s 1938 launch by members of Northwest Airlines (thus, the name “Wings”)

  • Elements that complement the new interior and other artworks

  • Dynamic visual appeal up close and from a distance


Design: Please a Big Team

We began with a close study of the site, included the existing artworks’ colors, content and tone. After several rounds of concepting, the large feedback team selected our “Bird’s Eye View” design.

The mile-high view features Midwestern typographical and geographical patterning from a bird’s perspective. Note Lake Superior, the Mississippi River, the Twin Cities silhouette, and the Wings logo smartly pointing to the Wings corporate location (red circle).


Materials: Mixing It Up for Interest

We fabricated using a mix of materials to create matte and shine, colorful focal points and calming background in colored glass, tile (commercial and hand-made) and textural glass additions.

The result was a very happy client team, with potential plans to add our art to several Wings Financial Credit Unions. 

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