Paris Through A Mosaic Artist’s Eyes

Nothing can compare to spending April (a week of it, anyway) in Paris, which I recently did. It was my first time, and it was phenomenal. Yes, I went up the mighty Eiffel Tower, cruised the River Seine, gave thanks at Notre Dame. I admired the Louvre’s exterior, then chose an afternoon at the contemporary Centre Pompidou, instead. Every day was a bountiful buffet of beauty, fine food and friends.

But I think mosaic artists, like me, also see things others may miss: the patterns of Paris. I photographed the cobblestone streets and the careful brickwork around windows. I admired the latticework in multi-colored café chairs. I paused to study the loopy path a paper airplane took as it drifted down from its Eiffel tower launch. The richness of it all was breath taking … albeit, a bit visually exhausting. Thankfully, my iPhone helped to hold my memories – of the head and heart – which are sure to influence my future mosaic artwork.