Getting Ready for the Next Big Thing

Well this is new. After almost two years of steady commissions, my mosaic project dance card is … open. But I’m slowly learning that’s o.k. It’s when fresh, creative ideas bubble up to the surface.

All artists need some downtime to just BE in the world, not sequestered in the studio. For me, that means enjoying the art other people make: great books, in depth news, awesome music and movies. It also means quietly observing. I watch how light creates shadows. I study the patterns of everyday life. I sketch in my notebook and tear pages out of design magazines.

Don’t get me wrong. I love making mosaics; I go a bit stir crazy when my hands aren’t arranging and re-arranging tesserae. But this short break has been a blessing. I got my studio cleaned and my noggin restocked with really good stuff.

I’m ready for the next, big project. Go!