Turning Lids, Caps and Tabs Into Mosaic Art

Each of my mosaics tells a story. That’s especially true when I get to incorporate objects sourced on site from my client’s business or organization.

I recently installed a big, new mosaic in the lobby of BevSource, a company that specializes in beverage formulation and packaging. It’s a hip place where people bring their ideas for, say, a new energy drink, bottled cocktail or juice. Riding its success, the company had recently completed a rebranding, renaming and remodel. Why not bring in fresh, custom art, too, that subtly featured the three-drop logo?

I presented several designs, until we finally agreed on the winner. A tipped bottle (yes, I used a real wine bottle, sliced lengthwise) with “liquid” mosaic splashing across the lobby walls. I included many of the client’s packaging supplies (can lids and tabs, bottle crows and caps), along with some of my own finds. The result was a big gulp of mosaic fun.