Big Mosaic Inspires a Tiny Replica

One of the best compliments an artist can receive is a repeat customer. I had that great fortune in December.

The backstory: About five years ago, I was selected from a group of Minneapolis mosaic artists to create a large mosaic cross for a progressive urban church. The commission would be an artistic collaboration with a committee comprised of the church’s head pastor, other church leaders and long-time congregants. All went as planned, and I eventually led them to a design that included small, meaningful items donated by members. It turned out beautifully.

This past December, a committee member contacted me to say the head pastor had been called to a different community. “Pastor Brad” would be leaving in two weeks. She told me how he had loved the process of collaborating on the mosaic cross. Could I make a small mosaic as a surprise going-away gift for Pastor Brad?

After presenting her with some quick-turnaround options, we agreed on a small replica of the original large mosaic cross. It was the perfect ending to a new beginning.